Below are the questions which we get asked most often. If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.


How do we book?
Please contact us using our contact form, email or telephone number. We Highly recommend booking asap as we book up very quickly, especially during the Summer Season with the Bouncy Castles.


What Areas Do You Cover?
We are Based In Northamptonshire - We cover Wellingborough, Kettering, Northampton, Corby & all surrounding areas.


What Type Of Events Do You Do? 
Birthday parties, corporate events, work parties, school socials, receptions, weddings, proms, children parties, themed functions,club nights & Many more


How Far In Advance Shall I Book?
You can book as advance as you want, We are currently taking bookings up to December 2020. Many Days are already being booked quickly.


When Do We Pay? 
Payment is made at least 5 days before the date of event.


What Does Your Prices Include?

The service you requireSetting up & packing away time


Do You Need anything Specific? 
Different services offer different requirements, For Discos, Bouncy Castles & Hot Tubs we just need a minimum of 1 socket and a certain amount of space that the service will require.


Can we meet to discuss our event?
We are happy to meet any clients in person to discuss arrangements. I can meet wherever you want weather its at your house, my house, at a pub or even out for dinner. Due to being very busy I may not be able to offer many locations or times.


Are you Insured?
Every service Party Hire UK provides is covered by £5 Million through Leisure Insure. Insurance certificates can be provided.


Is Party Hire UK VAT Registered?
We are currently not VAT Registered. The prices you see online is the price you pay.


 Disco FAQs


What Music Do You Play?
We have a playlist of thousands off songs to choose from... Starting at the 1950's to the current top 40. We always work closely with my clients to ensure they get what they want, weather its the oldies, R&B, Pop or Dance.


Do You Take Song Requests?
Yes! during the night your guests can ask for anything and we will try and fit them somewhere into the night. You can also send in music requests prior to the event.You have to bear in mind that its not always possible to play all song requests. Some clients specify that they don’t want me to take any requests.


Could You Work From A Playlist That I Supply You? 
Yes! This enables that you get the music played that you want. We like to receive any playlist around two weeks prior to the event, so that I can get any tracks that I don’t already have. 


How Long Does It Take You To Set-up? 
It normally takes the DJ's around about one hour to set everything up, but factors can affect setting up time, such as distance from car and stairs.


What do you do for Children Parties?
For children parties we organise games to be played and dance offs. If you also decide to hire karaoke then I also organise sing offs as I offer lots of childrens karaoke tracks. I am also CRB checked.


Can you set up earlier in the day than you’re due to start playing? 
Yes! Some events use the same rooms, for example wedding dinners & Discos, so by setting up early we wont disturb anything. We generally charge by the hour and will charge for the hours between the set up time and the time I start if the venue is to far away for the team to come home. If the venue is close to home then we will only charge a extra journey time fee. Please tell us in advance if this is required.


Can I use your microphones for speeches and announcements?
Yes! We have wireless microphones which you are free to use at any time. 

 Bouncy Castle & Inflatables FAQs


What is the age limit for the Bouncy Castles?
Every inflatable has a age limit, you will notice the age limit of each inflatable you book. No adults are allowed on the Childrens Bouncy Casrles/ 


What size Bouncy Castles can we hire?
Each Bouncy Castle varies in size & dimensions, smallest is 8x8 to the biggest 15 x 17. Please make sure there is adequate room as the Bouncy Castle must have at least 2 feet free round the sides & 5ft on the front & back. You must also check the height of the Bouncy Castle to ensure it fits in halls. 


Can we hire outdoors?
Between March - October we offer outdoor hires, Please ensure that all garden items such as swings, toys & rubbish are removed from the area prior to arrival. we cannot setup on very muddy gardens.


Outdoor Hard surfaces
To securely hold a Bouncy Castle EU states it must have 164kg Per Anchor point. We now offer two different ways to secure a Bouncy Castle on Hard surfaces. 


(1) Sandbags (£50 Per Inflatable)
We will need to place up to 25 Sandbags Per Inflatable! We must have clear access to the inflatable that a trolley can used.

(2) Bolts (£20 Per Inflatable)
We will drill small holes (8mm) into the hard surface & then bolt down each anchor point. Once bolts are removed the tiny holes will be hard to notice.


Cancellation due to safety
On unfortunate occasions we may have to cancel the hire. We have strict rules & regulations that we have to follow due to health & safety & insurance reasons.


We will only cancel hires with the following conditions

Wind/Wind gust is above 24mphHeavy RainStormsWeather Warnings (Floods, Extreme Weather, Snow & ice etc)


We are not able to setup in these conditions as it voids our insurance which is illegal! Full refunds will be given.


How long can I hire the equipment?
You can book the inflatable in for a maximum of a 6 hour slot. The price will remain the same weather you book the Bouncy Castle for a 1 hour event or 6 hours.
If your event is in a garden then depending on how busy we are on the day we may deliver your inflatable a few hours before the start time of your event & pick up a few hours after your event has finished. 


What time do you start Deliveries & Collections?
For outdoor events we start Deliveries from as early as 8am & aim to finish all deliveries by 12pm. Depending on your area & our delivery route for the day it will depend on what time your inflatable is delivered & collected. Please be prepared for a 8am delivery. 


We will never collect the inflatable earlier than the time you have booked for. We start collections from 2pm with last collection at 7pm. If you would like the inflatable longer than 7pm we offer the following upgrades;


Last Pickup (8pm) - £10
Late Pickup (9pm) - £20
Overnight Hire (Pickup between 11am - 1pm next day) - £35
Extra Day Hire (Pickup Between 5 - 7pm) - £50 


For indoor hires we will deliver & collect the inflatable exactly at the times you requested.


Can we hire overnight?
All our inflatables are aviliable to be hired overnight for a additional £35 fee. The inflatables must be in a secure back garden. We start overnight collections at 12pm the next day so you have the morning to enjoy the inflatable. Please turn the inflatable on as soon as you wake up to ensure the inflatable is dry & it must be clean before it is collected.


How much space do we need?
We recommend that in addition to the size of the Bouncy Castle that you leave 2ft around the castle so we can secure the inflatable, 6ft in front of the castle for safety mats & 3ft Behind for the blower..


What access do you need?
We can access most hires through Allys or even the front door. Please ensure that all access to the site is clear. Access for most of our inflatables will need 70cm (Single Door) Our larger inflatables such as the Giant Slide will need a Double door atleast 100cm. A site visit can be arranged.


Will the weather affect the hire?
All our Bouncy Castles are fitted with a top rain cover that will stop the castle getting wet, all our equipment is waterproof protected - If it does start to rain heavily the Bouncy Castle cannot be used & cannot be used until the Castle is completely dry!. We cannot set up the equipment if it is heavily raining. 


Do we get a refund if it does rain?
If we cannot set up the Bouncy Castle because of the rain you will receive a full 100% Refund of the inflatable.

Once the equipment has been setup we are unable to offer any discounts or refunds!


What if the Bouncy Castle gets wet or dirty?
Please ensure that all equipment from Party Hire UK is clean & dry before we come & collect. If the equipment is returned in a unclean state then you are liable to pay a cleaning charge (minimum £20) Ensure that Glitter, Silly string, confetti or party poppers are not near the inflatables.


Can the inflatables be setup on a slope?
We can setup on very slight slopes, if in doubt please get in touch with the team.


Do you use our Electricity supply or provide a Generator?
We always use our Bouncy Castles using your electricity supply, all our equipment is PAT tested & safe to use, you must make sure that the electricity we are using is safe to use. A generator can be hired for a additional cost. 


Do you supervise the Bouncy Castles?
We don't supervise equipment when it has been hired for private events, we provide a safety brief to the person that hired the Bouncy Castle from us after we have finished setting up. The Bouncy Castle & everyone that uses it will be your responsibility - If you would like someone to supervise your castle it will be an extra £10 a hour.


At events we always supervise the Bouncy Castles, we are responsible for the castle & everyone that uses it.


How much electric does it cost to run a Inflatable?
It costs around 10 - 12p per hour to run a Inflatable! Thats just 60 - 72p for a full days hire!

 Mascots FAQs


How long do Mascots visit for? 
Mascots visit for 20minutes, If you would like a mascot longer please contact the team.


What does the Mascot do? 
The Mascot can do whatever you want him/her to do (within reason) This can be waving at all the Children, playing games, having pictures taken, giving out goody bags - The options are endless. 


Can the mascot visit in any weather? 
Our Mascots can not visit if it is raining due to bad weather can cause damage


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